How to Make Your Own Swiffer Pads and Solution


personally, i think i would leave out the dawn as i don’t want a sticky floor. vinegar and water is a sufficient cleaner and adding essential oils can also work as a disinfectant. just my opinion from past experience using vinegar and water as a cleaner.

make your own swiffer pads and cleaning solution

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3 cups white vinegar

2 cups Suave OR other CHEAP hair conditioner (I buy a giant bottle from sally beauty supply)

I add 2 tbps of my fave fragrance oil (this is purely optional and I like things to smell REALLY good. My fave is cedar wood. Smells clean)

6 cups HOT water




Mix conditioner & hot water well, until conditioner is dissolved completely.

Add the vinegar, and mix well.

Store in a large container: empty fabric softener container, empty large vinegar bottle, empty 1 gallon water or juice bottle

Put about 2 tbsp. in the fabric softener holder in your washer… then wash as usual.  (Some people use downy laundry balls. I don’t have one and I have a slot for fabric softener in my washer, so that’s what I use.  I also have an HE washer and this is fine for it.

NOTE: it’s best not to shake the bottle of softener before using it as it makes it foamy. I forget and to it anyway sometimes… and it IS foamy lol

rescue your cast iron from rust with vinegar

rescue your cast iron from rust with vinegar

First of all, if you have an oven with a self-cleaning setting, that’s a great way to remove rust and “reset” your pans. If you don’t, Instructables user theabion points out that all you need is some white vinegar, some water, and an abrasive scrubber to make your rusted, damaged cast iron gleam like new. Mix the water and vinegar 50/50, and let the pan soak in the mixture for an hour or up to six depending on how bad the rust is. Then gently scrub the rust away from the cast iron pan with your scrubber. He used a copper pad, but you could also go with our trusty salt scrub method to remove the rust and debris as well. Whatever you do, make sure you’re complete and remove as much of the rust as possible.