15 clever ways to start seeds



you can start seeds in almost anything!  what a great way to recycle and/or repurpose and kee the landfills cleaner.  check out this link for ideas!




Best Seed Tape Ever

Planting tiny seeds is easy with this simple gardening trick.


best seed tape ever: toilet paper

It’s difficult to space tiny seeds, such as carrots, in the garden. The best way to solve this problem is to make homemade seed tape. Here’s how to do it:

1. Unroll a strip of toilet paper on a table (double ply works best), mist it with a sprayer, and place the seeds along the center of the strip. Be sure to space the seeds based on the seed packet’s recommendation. Tip: Alternate carrot seeds with radish seeds because when the radishes sprout, they help to mark the row and break the ground.

2. Starting along the strip’s long edge, fold a third of the paper over the seeds, then fold the other third over to cover the seeds completely. Lightly tamp the paper, misting it again to secure the seeds. Make as many of these strips as you need. Then carefully carry them to the garden.

3. Make shallow furrows in the prepared soil, lay the strips down, and cover them. In a jiffy, your small seeds will be planted and perfectly spaced.




I spent part of today talking to a retire Professor from the California University system.  His expertise is in plants, particularly tomato plants.  The subject we discussed was the long-term storage of plant seeds.  Based on his many years of experience he said that the best method is to store seeds in a paper sack in the refrigerator.  In his opinion, the preferred temperature to store seeds is 50 degrees.  For practical purposes, a refrigerator works well.  He recommended against freezing your seeds.  High heat will also shorten the storage life of seeds.

He has germinated tomatoes seeds that were 50 years old that had been stored correctly.  On one occasion, he received wheat seeds (wheat berries) from a cave in South America that were several hundred years old and they germinated.

If seeds fail to germinate, he said it is often because the seed coat has become hard.  He said that you can soften the seed coat by soaking in them in a mixture of two parts water to one part chlorox for thirty minutes.  Then rinse them in clean water and plant.  This will not always work but is well worth a try.  He told me the story of another Professor who had some tomato seeds that would not germinate so they were fed to his turtle.  After going through the digestive track of his turtle, the seeds were then discovered to germinate.

The length of storage life varies from plant to plant.  However, most plants seeds should last a few years.  Legumes have a short shelf life compared to tomatoes.

The following is additional information that comes from the University of Colorado.

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Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

Following is a list of companies that are either a)owned in part by Monsanto or b) carry seeds sourced from Seminis, which was bought by Monsanto in 2005. This list is as complete as I can make it at this time.Below this initial list are two more lists: companies that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge…and companies that may sell only safe seed but have not signed the safe seed pledge.

Cautionary note: Some companies, like Johnny’s and FEDCO, may carry Seminis seeds or have done so in the past, but claim to sell no genetically modified seed. I leave it up to you to do your own research. I know the owners of both personally (well, FEDCO is a co-op so has no “owners” per se, but C.R. Lawn is top honcho and I have known him for years. If C.R. says they sell no GM seeds, I trust him). Rob Johnston, on the other hand, may not be able to personally overlook his sources and based on what I know, I have some reservations about Johnny’s. Again…do the research.


Audubon Workshop
Breck’s Bulbs
Cook’s Garden
Dege Garden Center
Earl May Seed
E & R Seed Co
Ferry Morse
Flower of the Month Club
Gardens Alive
Germania Seed Co
Garden Trends
Johnny’s Seeds
Lindenberg Seeds
McClure and Zimmerman Quality Bulb Brokers
Mountain Valley Seed
Park Seed
Park Bulbs
Park’s Countryside Garden
R.H. Shumway
Roots and Rhizomes
Seeds for the World
Seymour’s Selected Seeds
Spring Hill Nurseries
Territorial Seeds
T&T Seeds
Tomato Growers Supply
Totally Tomato
Vermont Bean Seed Co.
Wayside Gardens
Willhite Seed Co.

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