Natural Remedies from the Garden: Lemon Thyme Herbal Disinfecting Spray


Crafting natural health and home remedies is my expression of creativity…

…and I’ve written before on the topic of natural cleaners for the home.

The simpler the better, in my opinion…

…but today I wanted something more!

Something powerful, yet gentle enough for most surfaces of the home.
Something from the garden.
Something that smelled pretty and fresh.

NOTE: after checking prices on hydrosol, it became evident that this is too expensive for most folks, so i’ve found a link with a video on how to make your own! here it is:

go here for the recipe:

Food Cures You Can Grow at Home



Why burn a quarter-tank of gas running out to the drugstore for Pepto when you can pluck some relief from your windowsill herb garden?

Besides adding another dimension to your cooking, freshly harvested herbs can soothe dozens of common health problems, and it’s possible to grow a selection of home remedies in a couple of pots placed in a sunny spot. 

Look for seedlings of these plants and herbs at any garden store, or if you’re really ambitious, buy a packet of seeds and try sprouting your own.

read entire article at the link: