The Total Guide To Growing Buckets Full of Strawberries

who doesn’t love strawberries? there are “secrets” to being successful but the secrets are not difficult. click on the link to learn more!



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i use this stuff for everything! from keeping ants out of my house, to de-fleaing the pets, to taking for a detox for myself… this stuff is “magic”. i never put any poisons on anything in my gardens but DE makes it possible to still grow organically while killing those little suckers! i buy the FOOD GRADE ONLY in 50 lb. bags. i even bought a bag for my mom and she thinks it’s wonderful, as well. check out the article…it’s informative and helpful.

best uses of diatomaceous earth

31 surprising uses for borax


i have used borax when making my homemade laundry detergent, for getting rid of ants… i mix borax with some tang.  that way i can see how much i’m spreading… the ants like the tang because of all the sugar and carry it back to the nest. the other ants eat it and voila, no more ants.   check out this link for many other uses for borax.

31 uses for borax

Composting with Coffee Grounds



Composting With Coffee Grounds


Coffee grounds are so useful in your compost that they can actually replace manure or like substances altogether. Thanks to their nitrogen rich nature, after composting they can be spread about in your garden or growing area by directly sprinkling a layer on the topsoil or turning over the top 2” or so of your soil, adding the composted material as you go. Despite what most believe about coffee grounds, they are not acidic. In fact, after brewing they are nearly a perfect 7 or neutral pH. They also strongly benefit the beneficial bacteria in your soil and compost bin and are digestible by worms or other helpers in your compost as well. This makes them the perfect replacement for manure or like materials, having a carbon-nitrogen ratio of 20:1 and there is no danger of the passing of pathogens either, particularly in the handling of the compost. While coffee grounds appear to develop mold, particularly in storage, this is actually yet another beneficial property of the grounds. The natural mold and fungus on coffee can suppress all pathogenic or non-beneficial fungi, including fusarium, pythium, and sclerotinia varieties. Add to this the fact that coffee grounds increase the temperature of the compost, you also have a perfect material for wiping out harmful bacteria and aiding beneficial bacteria in your compost as well.

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build a super sturdy tomato cage.  we grow monsters.  our tomato plants are 8 ft tall and we got bushels from 4 plants.  we bought a house with land and plan to garden even larger this year.  i can’t wait to get this built and have my mega tomatoes growing like gangbusters but totally OFF the ground!



so you have a crummy, shady area where the lawn isn’t doing it for you but just don’t know what to do with it?  MAKE A SHADE GARDEN!!! there is a popular belief that you cannot garden without full sunlight.  wrong!  read the article at the link and learn.  i’m doing this, myself.