hot pepper jelly

the brand of pectin shouldn’t matter and i personally wouldn’t go rushing out looking for the one listed in this recipe unless you want to.  i love pepper jelly. you can put it on anything and it’s great with cream cheese on a fancy cracker. mmmmm.  DON’T FORGET TO WEAR GLOVES AND DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE, EYES, ETC!  this is the voice of experience lol. ouch.

my jalapenos went crazy this year while my romas did not, so i have a surplus of peppers. yay!

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Organic Dandelion Jelly

A few years ago I got the canning bug something bad so I was trying all kinds of new recipes. I remembered hearing about dandelion jelly, so I scouted out a few recipes. I remember my Granny making jellies. Mainly apple jelly and grape jelly are the ones I remember most. I wouldn’t think that my Granny would pass up making dandelion jelly since they are free and in most every ones yards every spring. So I talked myself into trying to make jelly. I personally welcome this time of the year when they start popping up, because all I can see is the yummy goodness that will fill my jars and the smiles it puts on my children’s faces.
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