How to Make the Perfect Hummingbird Food


We live in an area where hummingbirds are here all year long, even when it is bitterly cold, raining, etc. We keep feeders out all year long and have learned a lot in the past 11 years. I have planted flowers that bloom all year. When the season is over for one, another is ready to bloom. Some flowers, like pineapple sage, only bloom in fall and winter and they are red! Bonus.  A lot of people don’t understand how important it is to keep feeders clean, change the nectar and clean the feeders every 3 days…no excuses, and that not doing this will kill a hummingbird with an invisible fungus. None of us wants to be responsible for the detriment of our beautiful, tiny friends.

The attached article at the link will give you expert advice on how to make perfect nectar. NO RED DYE PLEASE.  Although it says to boil the water, you really don’t have to. A lot of people do it so that the sugar dissolves faster. I make a gallon at a time and I use warm filtered water. Yes, one gallon is what it takes to keep up with my little bird friends’ appetites!

For more information, Click here: perfect hummingbird food

hummingbirds: don’t love them to death


what you need to know about the responsibility of feeding humming birds.  what you don’t know can kill them.  please either follow the things in this article or simply don’t put out feeders. good intentions are deadly to these small birds.  for instance, 3 days is it for the nectar in a feeder. after that, pour it out, wash the feeder, not using soap, but vinegar and water or if there is mold on the feeder because “you forgot about it”, use bleach.  the instructions in this article are detailed and accurate. i’ve had a hummingbird sanctuary for 7 years.  they stay all year long.  they bring so much joy and their lives are hard enough without well meaning humans, harming them out of well meant actions.

follow this link for the full article: don’t love your hummingbirds to death

hummingbird after laying first egg – YouTube

hummingbird after laying first egg – YouTube.

this is the nest on my deck. i have watched her build her nest from the ground up and lay 2 eggs.  she is very busy.  her nest is right by our slider door. we go in and out and so do our animals.  doesn’t seem to bother her.  she is out of the weather, has a decent wind break and is up high enough, that no one bothers her.

she is an ANNA hummingbird and this location is in the bay area, california.  i feel very blessed to get to look into her little life and the lives she’s responsible for.