How to Make Your Own Swiffer Pads and Solution


personally, i think i would leave out the dawn as i don’t want a sticky floor. vinegar and water is a sufficient cleaner and adding essential oils can also work as a disinfectant. just my opinion from past experience using vinegar and water as a cleaner.

make your own swiffer pads and cleaning solution

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clean meat, fish, chicken, pork, etc.

if the cost of most people’s favorite protein has you on a tight budget, you may want to try this company: zaycon-horiz-png-500x182px.png

click this link to find out their wonderful options, special pricing and when they will be near you. we have used them for 9 years and have never been disappointed.




Starting and growing basil


oh how i love basil! not only can you make great pesto, but you can add to and improve many dishes. thai food is lost without it! that’s right, it’s not just for italian food! add a little in your bloody mary and voila! an amazing taste! read the article for more info and the perfect way to grow it yourself.

starting and growing basil




19 Reasons Why You Should Go & Pick Nettles Right Now

Let’s face it – nettles aren’t pretty, they pack a mean sting and they spread like wildfire. It’s no wonder that these weeds are the bane of most gardeners’ lives and are given wide berth when encountered on nature walks.

But there is much more to the nettle than meets the eye – they are one of the many backyard weeds that have extraordinary health benefits…click the link  below for all the info.


19 things to do and make with nettles

how to fill up a water barrel


this is good advice and very informative. my barrels are brand new and already sanitized, so I will fill with water and then add the purifier to keep it fresh. store out of the sunlight or you will grow algae. water storage is very important. I live in a wildfire and earthquake danger area. now, after the fires of 2017, California is in the rainy season and we are having mudslides, rock slides and that blocks the highway to any city. if you don’t have supplies on hand, you may suffer shortages. always good to have water (most important!) and food storage. please read this author’s ideas in the link.

the best way to fill up water barrels



photo for DE.jpg

i use this stuff for everything! from keeping ants out of my house, to de-fleaing the pets, to taking for a detox for myself… this stuff is “magic”. i never put any poisons on anything in my gardens but DE makes it possible to still grow organically while killing those little suckers! i buy the FOOD GRADE ONLY in 50 lb. bags. i even bought a bag for my mom and she thinks it’s wonderful, as well. check out the article…it’s informative and helpful.

best uses of diatomaceous earth