23 Medicinal Plants the Native Americans Used on a Daily Basis


My mother is a Cherokee, so my interest in the native ways is very strong. Cherokees believe that they were given herbs and plants by their Creator, gifts which allowed them to treat and cure illnesses and ailments.

I am sure there was a lot of trial and error before they figured out what plants healed what ailment. I have always known that blackberry cures stomach ailments. I happen to have 3/4 acre of blackberries that are trying to take over the entire mountain. I wouldn’t suggest that many, however, grow a few in pots if you don’t want them to spread.  Click the link for more great remedies, tried and tested by American Indians.

23 medicinal plants used by Indians on a daily basis

How To Keep Moths Out Of Your Home With Lavender Oil


we have had 17 feet of rain so far this year. let me tell you, the bugs are loving it as are the weeds and other critters. moths are SOOO bad that i keep saying it’s because “mothra” is coming after us.  you cannot open a door without a zillion coming in and then they rest on the ceiling, fall into your food, etc.  it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. well… guess what? there IS a cure!  they HATE lavender oil.  put a little cotton ball near your outdoor lights, and they won’t even try to “go toward the light”.  i’m telling you people. essential oils are well worth it. fleas hate it too, so i mix a carrier oil and lavender and put it on my dogs. fleas be gone!  i guess the creepiest thing about moths, yes changing subjects again, is that BATS come after them, right into your door if your timing happens to be right. i had a giant one fly past my head a few weeks ago and honey, i do not do bats.  so moths gone, bats stay away from my door as well. all is good here in the forest.  haven’t discovered an essential oil to keep away the bears, but will update you when i do.  deer hate peppermint. and irish spring soap.  i don’t explain it, i just pass it on.  🙂

moths hate lavender

spiders hate peppermint


spiders don’t bother me much but their constant webs and cobwebs do.  scorpions are also arachnids so this will keep them out of your house as well.  believe me, it works. also mice hate it.  mice got into my heat pump. oh my word. i put a few peppermint oil soaked cotton balls in the area and in the actual machine and voila! no mice. you should renew weekly.

keep spiders out of your house

12 hydroponics systems one for every budget


i think most of us have wanted to try hydroponics at least once in our lives. did you have the determination to try it?  so far, i have not, mainly because my husband hates gardening and i need his help.  i bet i can find one that i can handle all by myself in this article.  try it and let me know if it worked for you!  my twitter account is @throat_puncher  (i’m 5’1″, it’s a joke nickname)  see ya soon!

12 hydroponic systems one for every budget

15 best vegetables to grow in containers



15 best vegetables to grow in containers

i have recently spoken to people on the phone or in public who live in apartments without a viable grow space.  fear not!  you CAN garden!  my daughter does it on her balcony and has been quite successful.  take a read here for a few suggestions of gardening in containers.  you can also grow lettuce and other greens indoors all the time.  they are the most expensive items to purchase and some of the easiest to grow.  i promise you can do this. i have 1/2 acre and i still grow in containers because it’s easier.  🙂

happy gardening!