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i use this stuff for everything! from keeping ants out of my house, to de-fleaing the pets, to taking for a detox for myself… this stuff is “magic”. i never put any poisons on anything in my gardens but DE makes it possible to still grow organically while killing those little suckers! i buy the FOOD GRADE ONLY in 50 lb. bags. i even bought a bag for my mom and she thinks it’s wonderful, as well. check out the article…it’s informative and helpful.

best uses of diatomaceous earth

Turn Your Balcony Into a Paradise With These Potted Trees

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you can grow tons of fruit and veggies even if you live in an apartment.  also, you can plant these trees in pots and bring them inside during the winter.  i live in the country but my mandarin and lemon trees come inside for the winter.  each are in a wine barrel.  now they are on my deck and loaded with blooms.  the hummingbirds are very happy and i will be, too in a few months with all that fresh fruit. for all the details, check out this link:

turn your balcony into a paradise with these fruit trees