unusual uses for WD-40

this stuff is amazing. i couldn’t have gotten through my life without it. i mean, 6 kids… red lipstick on white carpet in a rental… wd40 saves the day!  i love this stuff!

40 unusual uses for WD-40unusual uses for wd40.jpg

31 surprising uses for borax


i have used borax when making my homemade laundry detergent, for getting rid of ants… i mix borax with some tang.  that way i can see how much i’m spreading… the ants like the tang because of all the sugar and carry it back to the nest. the other ants eat it and voila, no more ants.   check out this link for many other uses for borax.

31 uses for borax

How to Make Eggshell Calcium (and Why You’d Want to) – Mama Natural


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body.

While most of our calcium resides in our bones and teeth, it’s also important for muscle contraction, nerve health, enzyme activity and cell formation.

In fact, our bodies need ample, daily amounts of calcium… and if we don’t get what we need, our bodies have no problem pulling excess stores from our teeth and bones.

How to Make Eggshell Calcium (and Why You’d Want to) – Mama Natural.