Preserving Dandelion Roots

Dandelion roots can be used fresh from the ground for both culinary and medicinal purposes but if you want to store some of your harvest for future use, you’ll need to dehydrate it.

If you have a dehydrator, simply slice the cleaned roots into strips of equal size and dry them until brittle.

Alternatively, wrap each whole root with a long piece of string and hang in a cool, dry location with good airflow for several days until completely brittle. Once dry, cut into small pieces.

Whichever method you choose, store your dried root in a glass jar for up to a year. If dried correctly, the outer flesh of the dandelion root should have a dark color while the inner flesh should be creamy white.

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2-Hour Project: How to Build a Cantina Bird Feeder

bird feeder.jpg

this is one of the cutest bird feeders i have seen. it wouldn’t take a lot of work and it’s such an interesting addition to your garden. the birds will love it! the article is from family handyman. click the link to get directions.

Build a Cantina bird feeder

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#diy bird feeder


Treating Hot Spots on Dogs


If you have a dog or dogs, you probably have experience with hot spots. My elder dog, Oliver, is a super mix. We had his DNA done and it was amazing that a dog could have that many breeds. Even the testers labeled him as a “super mix”. But I digress…Oliver is a sound, solid dog, even at 12.5 years of age. He is chow, lab, rottweiler, german shepherd, collie, and 10 more mix. As a mixed breed, he didn’t come with health issues and is living a long life. The one thing he does have issues with are hot spots.

I also have cats in the house so I have to be careful with anything I put on the dogs being tolerated by the cats. We grow calendula and lavender as well as a lot of other herbs and healing herbs. Calendula is a healer so I am always looking for ways to use it. As luck would have it, I need to treat Oliver’s hot spots and this herb is the hero.  I am posting an article on the ways to treat hot spots and use herbs and tinctures. If you are treating hot spots, use some made without alcohol because the alcohol will burn.  Click the link and start reading and, hopefully, make a healing tincture or balm for your fur babies.

the ultimate guide for hot spots on dogs

Strange uses for peppermint that really work click the link to learn some very interesting uses for peppermint. hate spiders? spray diluted peppermint oil in the corners and voila! spiders disappear because they HATE peppermint! i use it regularly. check out all the uses and get busy!

13 Best Plants For Your Pergola

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy the hottest sun of the day baring down on me on my deck. I don’t want to block out all the sun, so the perfect answer, for me and the hundreds of humming birds that stay here year round is a pergola! You can grow many different plants to add even more shade to your outdoor living area. Read the full article (see link under photo) for lots of ideas for your outdoor dream space.

What are the best plants for your pergola? First, let’s quickly look at what a pergola is! A pergola is an open structure design with pillars which support flat cross beams and latticework, often covered with plants.

People use pergolas as a trellis with climbing plants on a walkway or protecting some outdoor living space. The best pergola plants grow fast covering the structure requiring minimal care. Pergola vines and plants vary in size, appearance, and growing habit.

Starting Seeds Indoors – How We Start Our Vegetable And Flower Seeds

3 Big Tips To Starting Seeds Indoors

#1 Stay Away From Growing In The Window

#2 Put Power In Your Seed Starting Mix.

But our biggest tip of all? Add worm castings to whatever mix you use. You simply won’t believe the results! cliCK link for full article.

#3 Cover Your Seeds Until They Germinate

Using Epsom Salt Formula For Stump Removal

We’ve all had a stump left over from before we bought our property or after trees have fallen or have been chopped down. They take up space, attract insects and hurt like the dickens if you trip over it. Many types of removal are out there and very few work or are very expensive. Let’s try our old friend EPSOM SALT for an easy way to remove those annoying stumps. Believe me, I know stumps as I live in a forest in a mudslide, wildfire area. We have had more than most people ever see and they have GOT to go.

Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) has several uses beyond the household shower room. It can be used is gardening as well. It also has the ability to kill weeds or help you get rid of the nuisance of plants and assist you with tree stump removal.

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