Treating Hot Spots on Dogs


If you have a dog or dogs, you probably have experience with hot spots. My elder dog, Oliver, is a super mix. We had his DNA done and it was amazing that a dog could have that many breeds. Even the testers labeled him as a “super mix”. But I digress…Oliver is a sound, solid dog, even at 12.5 years of age. He is chow, lab, rottweiler, german shepherd, collie, and 10 more mix. As a mixed breed, he didn’t come with health issues and is living a long life. The one thing he does have issues with are hot spots.

I also have cats in the house so I have to be careful with anything I put on the dogs being tolerated by the cats. We grow calendula and lavender as well as a lot of other herbs and healing herbs. Calendula is a healer so I am always looking for ways to use it. As luck would have it, I need to treat Oliver’s hot spots and this herb is the hero.  I am posting an article on the ways to treat hot spots and use herbs and tinctures. If you are treating hot spots, use some made without alcohol because the alcohol will burn.  Click the link and start reading and, hopefully, make a healing tincture or balm for your fur babies.

the ultimate guide for hot spots on dogs