13 Best Plants For Your Pergola


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I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy the hottest sun of the day baring down on me on my deck. I don’t want to block out all the sun, so the perfect answer, for me and the hundreds of humming birds that stay here year round is a pergola! You can grow many different plants to add even more shade to your outdoor living area. Read the full article (see link under photo) for lots of ideas for your outdoor dream space.

What are the best plants for your pergola? First, let’s quickly look at what a pergola is! A pergola is an open structure design with pillars which support flat cross beams and latticework, often covered with plants.

People use pergolas as a trellis with climbing plants on a walkway or protecting some outdoor living space. The best pergola plants grow fast covering the structure requiring minimal care. Pergola vines and plants vary in size, appearance, and growing habit.