How To Keep Moths Out Of Your Home With Lavender Oil


we have had 17 feet of rain so far this year. let me tell you, the bugs are loving it as are the weeds and other critters. moths are SOOO bad that i keep saying it’s because “mothra” is coming after us.  you cannot open a door without a zillion coming in and then they rest on the ceiling, fall into your food, etc.  it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. well… guess what? there IS a cure!  they HATE lavender oil.  put a little cotton ball near your outdoor lights, and they won’t even try to “go toward the light”.  i’m telling you people. essential oils are well worth it. fleas hate it too, so i mix a carrier oil and lavender and put it on my dogs. fleas be gone!  i guess the creepiest thing about moths, yes changing subjects again, is that BATS come after them, right into your door if your timing happens to be right. i had a giant one fly past my head a few weeks ago and honey, i do not do bats.  so moths gone, bats stay away from my door as well. all is good here in the forest.  haven’t discovered an essential oil to keep away the bears, but will update you when i do.  deer hate peppermint. and irish spring soap.  i don’t explain it, i just pass it on.  🙂

moths hate lavender