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Love quinoa but want to expand your repertoire beyond the usual grain salad or pilaf? These crisp-crusted quinoa cakes provide a mild canvas for the bold flavors of olives, peppers, and greens. With white beans to give them some heft and heartiness, they make a terrific meatless main course. CLICK THE LINK FOR ALL THE IDEAS.

12 ideas for cooking quinoa



DIY Raised Bed for gardening

it’s that time of year! get started on your raised beds so you’ll be ready!

Gardengal Bevy


For this project, you will need two 8 foot 2×12 planks (cut in half), 4 corner brackets, screws, weed preventing landscape cloth, scrap cardboard, veggie scraps, green leaves, green grass clipping or other green matter, leaves, twigs, dried hay/grass or other brown material, organic soil.

NOTE:(we made our raised bed 3×6 to fit our space. you can make yours whatever size you wish. 4×4 is easier to work without the need for stepping in the soil. and we used brackets we had on hand.  choose whatever works best for you.)


Using your electric screwdriver,  mount the corner bracket in the center of your board. Make sure it is straight and flush.



Attach the remaining board via the bracket, forming a corner.Image


It’s easier to do this if you have someone help you hold the board against the bracket, while you use the electric screw driver to…

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Do You Know the Best Way to Break Up a Dogfight and Come Out Unscathed?


even your home pack can have issues sometimes.  i found this information very helpful as i just added another rescue to my pack and he’s a 100 lb 10 mos. old german shepherd. he seems to be trying to jockey for position in the order of things and is doing some of the things mentioned in this article. it was nice to find out that it’s normal for his age, and that stopping him the way i have been is correct.  i hope you will find it helpful, too.

how to safely break up a dog fight



hand planter

what a great idea!  and simple to make, too.  this is my next project… yeah, right, after i plant 30 strawberry plants, 40 shallots, 25 tomatoes etc etc.   anyway, i want this to be my next project!  if you decide to do it, share your results!  you can email me at gardengalbevy@hotmail.com and see my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/gardengalbevyblog/

for step by step instructions click this link: diy concrete hand planters or bowlsDIY-concrete-planter-hands



if you’re like me, you plant 5 or 6 jalapeno plants and end up with 400 lbs of jalapenos and wondering what in the world you are going to do with them all!  you can only put so many in your salsa and keep your friends.

this candied jalapeno recipe will use a lot of those peppers you harvest and also add some yummy goodness to your burger or most anything else you wish to add them to.

Candied Jalapeno Recipe – A Great Use For All Of Those Jalapenos!


$300 underground greenhouse grow food year round


From vertical farms to solar-powered “farms from a box,” we’ve seen how farming technology has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. But for those who prefer something a little more rustic, growing food from a hole in the ground is as low-tech as you can get.

A walipini, meaning “place of warmth” from the Amaraya Indian language, is an underground greenhouse with a transparent (usually plastic) covering that stays warm by passively soaking up the sun’s heat and absorbing the earth’s thermal energy.

get all the details here:  300.00 greenhouse lets you grow food year around