and on a personal note:

i know of this loyalty. i have 2 service dogs. one is part aussie and he never ever leaves my side. when i had my heart attack, and the icu noises were too much for him, he stayed home with my husband. when i finally came home, he greeted me like he never has before. he put his “lips” on my lips and wiggles his whiskers back and forth in the oddest greeting i’ve ever had. then slept next to me for 2 weeks, non stop and guarded my room, not letting anyone come in, including my husband. he’s always within a few feet of me. even when we go to the beach or he’s outside running up the mountain, he comes back to check on me every few minutes. never in my life have i had such a dog. i would NEVER leave him behind ever. if he falls into an icy pond, i’ll go in after him. he’d risk his life for me and i for him. people who abandon their dogs, to me, are heartless and i can have nothing to do with them. i am trying to buy land in texas and open a dog rescue. but i won’t get another dog to live with us for years. oliver is so loving and loyal and gets his feelings hurt even when i foster a dog. so we’ll leave it at that. he’s my service dog and that relationship can’t be broken. i owe him that much for the many times he’s saved my life. he turned 9 in december. i know big dogs don’t live as long as small ones, but i take very good care of him so that he can live as long as he can and be healthy. no matter which one of us goes first, the other will be lost.

oliver on wood floor.jpg




oliver and reggie at work

oliver and reggie at work today


don’t think i’ve forgotten about my other service dog, reggie.  he and i are also close and bonded, but he is a different dog with a different personality. he bonds with everyone.  oliver is kind of a more private bonder, so to speak.  reggie performs a very important job as well and keeps me healthy.  he oftens helps strangers who have a similar disability.  he’s so smart and cute and a terrier personality.  everyday he is full of smiles and happiness and energy.  both of my dogs were trained to be service dogs and i have documentation from my doctor and all that.  many businesses and especially kaiser permanente, don’t know the laws for service dogs….so we have days where someone wants to keep us out and says they don’t allow dogs.  my dogs are protected by federal law and have more rights than humans.  and thank the lord for that, as they keep me safe and alive.