legal bat removal from your attic, house or other places that are creeping you out

after speaking with experts on bat removal i’ve learned a lot. more than i ever wanted to know and i don’t need anymore lectures on “how beneficial they are” they are not beneficial indoors and are dangerous and cause illness and carry rabies, so that being said, let me post my piece, and get off my back about how wonderful bats are. they can fly outside all they want but not live inside my attic. i’m not going to educate you on why that is dangerous, you can look it up. i’ve spent a week researching, calling experts and the like. here’s what i have come up with.
in this state, they can only be removed by professionals during march. after they have their jillion babies. it is against the law to poison them, so they have to be removed a certain way. they will contaminate your insulation and cause 1000s of dollars worth of damage, leave urine and feces aka guano that must be removed as the smell etc seeps through your ceiling exposing you to deadly disease. that’s the good news. eye roll. for the professionals to come to find where they are getting in is 900.00. for them to remove them and clean is 1000s. most home owners policies will cover it after your deductible which is 1000 in our case. so, being the race and culture i am, i am frugal and started shopping around and reading about bats. here we go. and just before i get started, i have spent a week doing all these calls, had dental surgery, had a hellacious car deal and am on the verge of tears so i really don’t need any more hassle. have been called an anti semite even tho i am messianic jew and so on. so what i am warning you, ahead of time, is to back off, the scoldings and judgment, PLEASE.
bats have to be removed by a pipe that allows them out but not back in. they sleep in the day, so they say, but i can hear them. the pipe lets them out to go find food, but they can’t get back in. first you have to close up any and all teeny spots they may be getting in and then place this pipe there so they still come out the same way they came in.
i just bought this on ebay. it was the best price for the durability:
then i bought these items to protect my husband, on amazon:

i have rodent/bat phobia. i can’t deal with them. i’m not afraid of much, including snakes etc, but one got in my hair when i was around 30 and i was already afraid/phobic of them. other people can’t really know what someone else feels, plus i can’t risk the illnesses they carry. they are everywhere here and have plenty of people who love them. they can’t live in my house and the professionals said they will eventually get IN my house. holy cow. i’ll lose it. there is no tone in email so any way one thinks i’m ‘saying’ something, if rude or whatever, comes from their own head. i’m just stating facts and thought someone might be interested in case they have the same problem. i’ve done the work for you.
if you are not interested, pass on the article and my post. someone asked me to post what i found.
i now expect to be called more names, be scolded and the like because that’s how the week has been. whatever gets you through your life and makes you feel better, i suppose. this is a humane, safe way to deal with rodents, bats, birds, etc that will tear up your house. also, you can’t sell a house with bats in it. you must let people know via full disclosure laws and so on. use the information or don’t. here it is.

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