4 DIY Holiday Gifts You Can Make Free From Pallets!

it’s not that far away. better start those christmas projects now!!!

Old World Garden Farms

With Christmas just a few months away – now is a great time to start thinking about what to get those “hard to buy for” friends and family. Here’s a great idea – get creative and make them something!

Home-made gift crates are always a hit! Home-made gift crates are always a hit!

Not only are home-made gifts a great way to save money during the stressful and expensive holiday season – you would be amazed at how much more meaningful they can be to the recipients!  A few years back, we began to make holiday gift crates from old pallets and barn wood – and then filled them with home-made items from the kitchen and farm – and quickly found out how popular they were!

The real key to creating any successful home-made gift is to give yourself plenty of time to make it – and that means getting a jump-start now!

Be sure to check our our post on How To Quickly Disassemble Pallets to get you started! Be sure to check our…

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Crock-pot Potato and Leek Soup – No Cream or Butter Required!

i MUST try this! after having a massive heart attack and 2 surgeries, i was ordered to become vegan. always looking for a good substitute recipe that is yummy!

Old World Garden Farms

Reality has set in. Our weather has shifted from being in the 70’s at the beginning of the week to a forecast of snow flurries – all within a 4 day period.  Yes, I know it is Ohio, but I never seem to get used to that drastic change.

This means that it is time to let the grill have a rest, and get the stove top turned on. And what better way to warm up than with a tasty bowl of soup.  In the past we have posted our recipes for our Garden Chili, Vegetable Soup, and Tomato Soup. But this time I thought I would make a classic dish with a new twist. Potato and Leek Soup – made in the crock-pot.

Leeks look a lot like a green onion from the outside. Leeks look a lot like a green onion from the outside.

This recipe is extremely easy – requiring only a few basic ingredients. You can make…

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The Secret to Making Soap in a Slow Cooker

soap crock pot

When I first started making soap, somewhere in the back of my mind was the question: how can I speed up the curing process? Normally in cold process soap making, it takes 4-6 weeks for soap to cure fully. I’ve had a few batches that were ready in 2-3 weeks, but always seems to take longer…until I found out about crock pot soap.

click link for full instructions: http://www.diynatural.com/crock-pot-soap/


technicolor zebra swirl

Technicolor Zebra Swirl

Created with mango butter, a fruity blend of fragrance oils and a vivid variety of neon colorants, this cold process project is both skin loving and eye catching! Layers of pink, yellow, green and purple result in a design reminiscent of warm beaches, fruity drinks and vibrant flowers. The swirl in the center, known as the Dandelion Zebra Swirl, is a great technique for beginners because it does not involve any intricate swirl tools. The key is maintaining a thin trace which results in a beautiful layered effect. This is made in the 10″ Silicone Loaf Mold which is 25% off with the coupon code: COLORSPICE until midnight on Monday, October 27th (PST).


get all the instructions and what supplies you need at the link.


homemade rice a roni

Homemade rice a roni… CHICKEN!  i love this stuff, however the store kind uses vermicelli rather than angel hair pasta. that’s simple enough to purchase, as well.   if you are vegetarian or vegan, simple replace the chicken broth with vegetable broth. easy, peasy.  click the link for all the info in the original article.


Ben’s Beans by Ben Scoles


by Ben Scoles

Pinto or other Dry beans
Use Dry beans,, PINTS,, 1/2 c. (I use 2/3 c beans to a pint so they are thicker), dry beans, add spices you wish,, add a couple Tablespoons of meat if you wish for added flavor, top with boiling water to 3/4 inch head space, process for 75 min in Pressure Canner at 10 lbs or your altitude adjustment, QUARTS 1 cup dry beans, 3 or 4 table spoons meat if you wish, add spices, boiling water to 3/4 inch head space, process in pressure canner, for 90 min, at 10 lbs or adjusted for your altitude.

NOTE: if they are to thick for your liking, next time, omit 1 Tablespoon of beans, do not go overboard with the meat, it will displace to much water the beans need to process right.