The Bacon Blanket



For sandwich size bread cut 3 bacon slices in half. You will need 6 halved slices. Lay out 3 of the bacon slices vertically and weave in the other 3 pieces horizontally.
Microwave Bake:
Place the bacon weave blanket onto 2 paper towels and top with 2 paper towels. Cook for 2 minutes. Take a peek if more time is needed cook for additional 20 sec intervals until the bacon is cooked to your liking. 3 min was perfect for me but I like it crispy.
Oven Bake:
Place directly onto pan and bake 375° for 15 minutes. Remove and flip your blanket over. Bake another 15 minutes. Remove and place blanket on paper towel to blot grease off before placing on sandwich.