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Hi Everyone, Hope you are enjoying your long weekend.  I thought I would share  a much needed solution I found and say goodbye to the summer.   Finally…  It’s not that I don’t enjoy the summer, but these last few months have been hard to take with all the humidity and the flies…I don’t know about you but the flies here have been awful and my poor golden retriever even after a  few baths has been miserably dealing with them.  Until one morning I learned of this little tip.    After I desperately searched for solutions to this problem,  I finally found one that worked and it was right at my finger tips. Go figure!   I wish I only would have found this out much earlier!

Yes… Dish Soap and Water

Add a few drops of dish soap to some water in a spray bottle. At first I was not so sure this would work, but it did and gave us all much relief!  I lightly sprayed it on everything in sight even the screen door to keep them from coming into the house, and the dogs (carefully, not to get it in their eyes)