Candied Jalapeno Recipe – A Great Use For All Of Those Jalapenos!


Old World Garden Farms

At the beginning of each summer, it seems like a great idea to plant several jalapeno plants in our garden.  And by the end of the summer I seem to ask my self the same question every year….”What am I going to do with all these jalapenos?”.

We love to use them fresh to make spicy jalapeno popper appetizers. And of course, we always keep a few on hand for the impromptu “I bet you can’t eat that hot pepper” contests that seem to arise at every family gathering.

We also use them in our canned salsa, picante, pasta sauce and ketchup recipes – and can a few jars sliced to spice up recipes over the winter months.  We even let a few turn red and smoke them to make our own Chipotle Peppers.

But we are always left with more…and always looking for a new way to use them.

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