About Gardengal Bevy





i live in the bay area, california and love to garden organically.  i have compost bins, worm bins and use many methods to grow my fruits and veggies.  i have used lasagna gardening method, raised beds, and traditional gardening as well as vertical and container gardening.

i have a rain catchment system that keeps my plants happy and healthy and saves money.  i try to be as green as possible.

i am an urban homesteader, who recently acquired a place with 1/2 an acre. 1/4 acre is COVERED in wild blackberries and the foxes, snakes, birds, etc that go along with it.   anyone can garden, no matter how small the space.  i can teach you how.

stay tuned for more new adventures in my new place and the changes in the way i have to garden here.

i have 3 service dogs who keep me safe and healthy.  they are a huge part of my life and travel with me everywhere.  i am truly blessed.

7 thoughts on “About Gardengal Bevy

  1. Facebook wouldn’t let me “like” or “reply” and I wanted to give you a HUGE hug!

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